“Lighting designer KC Wilkerson and sound designer Ryan Brodkin join forces to stunning effect, and never more so than in a two-minute Act Two sequence that packs a bona fide emotional wallop”

Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA, 02.15.16



“The designs are lean and evocative, particularly…KC Wilkerson’s extraordinary lighting”

David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times, 07.18.12


“KC Wilkerson’s lighting, including blue moonlight, blinding bright sunlight, and a wash of deathly blood red – can only be termed inspired. His video and projection designs enhance key scenes.

Eric Marchese, Orange County Register, 07.19.12


“…and KC Wilkerson’s lighting and video…round out a peerless reconceptualization of this classic, one for which no superlative is undeserved”

Eric Marchese,, 07.16.12


“KC Wilkerson’s state-of-the-art LED lighting and video design, one of the most dramatic and spectacular ever, and one that places you smack dab in the middle of the action.”

Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA, 07.15.12



“Michael Michetti’s good-humored direction, assisted by…KC Wilkerson’s lighting design, eases the abrupt transition from gritty comic realism to an entirely different dimension.”

Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times, 05.17.12


THE WHO’S TOMMY at Segerstrom Center for the Arts

“An acid-laced light show, there are times when what looks and feels like hundreds of lights start blinking and flashing toward the audience, and then blind into a white flash with the effect that you feel like Han Solo about to jump into lightspeed…a stylistic tour-de-force”

Nick Schou, OC Weekly, 02.15.11


“The show’s design is undeniably captivating, plunging the audience into an all-encompassing sensory experience. KC Wilkerson’s video design beautifully compliments the vignettes of the overture, providing historical context to the onstage action. Wilkerson’s video and lighting wash the audience in a surreal, swirling palette of color and light”

Sarah Taylor Ellis, Edge Magazine, 02.14.11


“I felt as if the afterlife was beckoning at the end of an explosively lit rendition of ‘Pinball Wizard’…KC Wilkerson’s lighting and video designs range from delicately beautiful to tyrannically overpowering – effective in this narrative context. The World War II images in the first scenes are especially evocative”

Paul Hodgins, Orange County Register, 02.11.11


“On a bare two-tiered stage, KC Wilkerson’s evocative video projections take us back to the London Blitz”

Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times, 02.11.11