Ovation Awards Nominee Reception

Nominees enjoy the cool autumn air, drinks, appetizers, and jazz.

On Monday, November 15th at 7pm, many of the nominees for the 2009/2010 LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards gathered at a new arts facility (Inner City Arts) on skid row in downtown L.A. We were welcomed into a beautiful venue and given nametags and “O!” pins, then encouraged to mingle around the bar and buffet. A live jazz combo filled the crisp autumn air with snappy tunes as the nominees chatted amongst themselves and with other notable L.A. theater people.

Doris Roberts

After a half-hour or so, we were shown into a theater where we were asked to be seated. We were welcomed by members of LA Stage Alliance and several of the incredible people who are deeply involved in the Inner City Arts complex (more on that in a later post), including Doris Roberts (probably best known for playing Ray Romano’s mother on “Everyone Loves Raymond”) then we got down to business.

Douglas Clayton giving instructions to the nominees

Douglas Clayton walked us through several pages of instructions about the when, where, and what regarding the actual awards ceremony (January 17th, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza). Don’t get too toasted at the open-bar reception prior to the start of the ceremony. If your name is called as a winner, walk quickly, don’t trip, keep the speech under a minute, exit to where the hosts direct you, go backstage, meet other recipients, get photographed, get interviewed, and a hostess will take you back out to your seat. Oh, and the award is a glass/resin polymer and is very breakable. Apparently, people who break them normally do so within the first few minutes of receiving them. One recipient broke his in less than 10 seconds last year.

Really? Just two of us?

Then they called us up by category to have our photos taken. Even though it was a Monday night, many of the nominees were unable to be there. A lot of the actors were there as well as costume designers and choreographers. As you can see though, only two of the LD’s were there (out of 14 nominees).
Chance Theater founders Oanh Nguyen and Erika Miller were also there to pick up their nominee certificates for Direction and Costume Design (respectively).

Ovation Honors Award Winners

The Honors Awards were also presented. The Honors Award is is somewhat of a catch-all and recognizes work in areas where there isn’t a set category (fight choreography, for example, or puppet design). I was one of four recipients this year (Video Design, “The Who’s Tommy”) and we were called to the stage to accept our awards.
Sounds like it’s going to be a fun ceremony. Of course, I want to win in my category (duh!) but I’m just excited about going. You know how they say it’s an honor just to be nominated? Turns out that’s totally true…