Education Workshops

I’ve been thinking a lot about education recently since I’ve been asked to conduct a few workshops at a local college. These workshops ar part of a weekend theater festival intended for high school students.

One of the workshops is an introduction to advanced entertainment lighting technology. It includes moving lights, LED’s, media servers/video content, and control/consoles/networking. It’s a lot to cover in an hour of course; so the subjects will not be addressed in depth.

I’ve struggled with how much info is too much and how the workshop should be formatted. After getting input from a  number of my peers, I’ve decided on a fairly straightforward approach, starting with moving lights, then loving into LED’s and media servers. Each subject will include a brief history then move into a demonstration of what the technology can do. I’m wrapping up all the details now and am really pleased with how it’s turned out. In addition to the actual presentation, I’m taking a couple moving lights and LED fixtures (and a console) with me so the students can see what I’m talking about in real time. My guess is that none of these students have worked with or even seen this type of technology up close so hopefully, that will get them excited.

Also, as part of the festival, I’ll be adjudicating some of the competition as well, which should be fun!